Increase Mobile Ad Revenue by Avoiding These 5 Common Mistakes

Richard O’Connell is the Global Marketing Director for PapayaMobile and AppFlood, a mobile advertising network of 5,500 developers delivering more than 1.3 billion impressions. He has six years of experience successfully promoting global digital and mobile brands in the Europe, Asia and the United States. He leads AppFlood’s global marketing efforts including strategy, branding, mobile marketing, electronic, PR and community management with a team spanning the US, Europe, and China.
Money wadsWhat we’ve learned from the thousands of Android programmers that we’ve helped is that there’s always a way to increase a programmer’s revenue. Improvements to their mobile monetization strategy may be as complex as A/B testing ad formats and encouraging advertisers to propose direct deals. But optimization is also as simple as avoiding these five basic mobile monetization mistakes.

Don’t confuse”eCPM” for earnings

Ensure You have a monetization game plan

Developers will often mistake eCPMs as a step of a publisher’s potential earnings, but eCPMs are really just a standard of measurement that evaluate the quality of how well an advertiser’s ad is performing in their app. While it’s easy to say that developers like yourself should fill your inventory with ads from high eCPM advertisers, the amount of impressions that you devote to advertisers and your app’s fill rate will both affect your earnings. A word of advice: analyzing eCPMs alone can misrepresent how well your program is monetizing. For instance, an advertiser with a $2.00 eCPM can generate less revenue for you than a $1.00 eCPM advertiser if the $1.00 eCPM advertiser is comparably receiving more traffic.
This is a guest post written by Richard O’Connell, Global Marketing Director for PapayaMobile and AppFlood.

You’d be surprised by the proportion of developers that don’t have a growth strategy for their apps. As an example, in an AppFlood survey of 1022 app developers, 20% of indie developers”took a chance” on an ad network without so much of a significant reason. If you have been a part of this cutthroat world of mobile program publishing,”taking a chance” on an ad network and coming in with no game plan won’t help. You need to recognize the monetization strategy that’s best for you and your app. This may include choosing a mobile ad network that works for you, learning how to quantify user engagement, or even investing in a burst effort . A burst effort is a strategy developers will use to purchase quality users in a short window of time to sprint their way to the top of the app store graphs and after monetize the resulting larger userbase.
Lastly, don’t forget that advertising networks are a service-based business and are there to help you maximize your earnings. For many developers, strategizing a monetization plan can get tricky, but fortunately for the mobile advertising networks such as AppFlood, that have addressed concerns and assisted tens of thousands of program developers, advertising networks have loads of experience troubleshooting or even directing your mobile optimization strategy. This might mean someone from the ad network will work directly with you to allocate traffic to target demographics, or your own mobile advertising network of choice might fulfill your request for a data analysis report of your app’s monetization performance.
Don’t be afraid to reach out.

The interstitial ad might”pop up” at strategic times and fill up a cell phone’s display, but it’s undeniably among the most effective ad formats on the market. If monetization is the priority, don’t take the interstitial ad format for granted. In fact, when we analyzed the earnings that publishers created from both CPC and CPI advertisers, interstitials consistently out-earned app lists, panels, custom ads, and banners on AppFlood. However don’t get me wrong. Monetizing your app does not finish with downloading the SDK. As with deploying any ad format, you need to be mindful of the ways which you can minimize in-app interruptions, whether this means revealing the interstitial between levels of a mobile game or before the user closes the app.

Interstitial ads are better than you give them credit for

Don’t be shy — ask your advertisement network for help

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Don’t give up too early

99.99% of program publishers aren’t likely to become millionaires overnight. But after installing an ad network’s SDK, many developers tend to get the wrong impression about mobile program monetization. What they expect is a high return off the bat. On the other hand what they don’t expect is the understanding that monetizing a program is a test of patience. Just because the earnings following the first week of testing out the ad system weren’t satisfactory and they did not see the improvement they were looking for, doesn’t mean that it’s in the developer’s best interest to jump to a different network. What they’ve neglected is that higher earnings will not appear magically overnight. If developers want to boost earnings, these publishers need to employ strategies for optimizing earnings, whether that means testing different ad formats and its placement, or redistributing traffic.

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Google AdWords Quality Score – How To Improve It

Do Away With Non productive Keywords

When you include an outbound connection on the landing page of your Ad, be certain it links to a sites that is reputed. For instance, you can decide to link to sites that are known to offer accurate information about that particular Ad. By linking to a post on such websites, Google algorithm will know that you have more information for the users. This is one of those little tricks that you could easily use to improve Google AdWords quality score without needing to work too hard for it. Recall than the score improves, your Cost Per Click reduces.
Be Relevant

Work On Your Click Through Rate
Using key words that are most relevant to what the users are searching for will tell Google that you’re closely related to the solutions. For instance, if you’ve got the words in your URL or title of your Ads, you can be sure that Google will be attaching the words into it. You can go ahead and make it more relevant by including it in meta descriptions and All the headers. Having the words will automatically send a message to Google algorithm your page is relevant to the particular words and is therefore possible to increase your score and then, make you more successful in your efforts to make an income through this method.

The Google AdWords Quality Score shown here, exemplifies the importance of various factors which affect the effectiveness of any PPC campaign. These factors aren’t always weighted equally and differ depending on the account or campaign. Much of the Google AdWords Quality Score version is logical application of basic concepts such as “relevance” and may therefore be applied to other PPC platforms like Yahoo!

Improving Google AdWords quality Score is one of the methods through which you can ensure your Ads function better. Remember that the purpose of Google is to produce search results that are relevant to the queries that the users use when searching for information online. As a result of this, your Ads and the keywords that you select are just likely to be found if they fall within the category that Google supposes that their users are looking for. So as to increase your fortunes through AdWords, you have to structure the words in this way that they are most relevant to the Ads.
Click through rate is the speed at which people click and find your Ads via hyperlinks. When there are many people clicking through to your Ads, you can be sure that Google will identify it as being more applicable to what the consumers are searching for. They’ll be satisfied that you’ve got the answers to the questions which the users are looking for and will therefore enhance the quality. This is very likely to increase your quality. In fact, if you can work in your click through rate and get many people to your website, it will be your very best means of improving Google AdWords Quality score.
This quote from the Google AdWords help center explains Quality Score:

Use Outbound Links That Are Relevant

There are a number of ways by which you can work on your click through rate to make it better. For example, you may use any method that you think will make your Ad to stick out from the rest. It could be using punctuations such as question marks to ensure that the headings of the Ad sounds like a question or just including anything that you like.
“The AdWords system computes an excellent score for each of your keywords. It looks at a variety of factors to measure how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a user’s search query. A keyword’s Quality score updates often and is closely linked to its performance. Generally speaking, a high excellent Score means your keyword will trigger advertisements in a higher position and in a lower cost-per-click (CPC). ”
You can only be successful if you select key words that produce results. There’s absolutely not any point in insisting to work with those who cannot appeal to the people you are directing them to and which are adding no value to your site. Unfortunately, many people stick with unproductive keywords because they think that they one day will turn around their fortunes. However, this is not necessarily that case because many of such people often wind up struggling to improve the quality of the AdWords. Some of the key words can make an impression on people but end up producing nothing. The problem that includes maintaining them is that they reduce your click through rate.

Guest Post By:
Many people whose Ads don’t perform better fail to comprehend the reason behind it even after they work so hard to make things better. The answer to their questions is straightforward; improve the quality if your AdWords and everything will be fine. However, not everyone is aware of what is required in order to make the situation better. Here are some of the main things that you can do in order to improve Google AdWords score.
Ivan Dimitrijevic is an Senior SEO/SEM/Social Media Consultant, contributing to many sites, including Dejan SEM Australia – Advanced Search Engine Marketing Solutions, writing about different Google Advertising and SEM features.

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